Holt Murray
Awesome new place, love it. Great sandwich, helpful team working there and great spot to enjoy lunch!
Alyssa Duprey
Yay for their first day! I’ve gone to the store that used to be in this location (Paired, Poured and Plated) once or twice for wine and it was fine but to combine a wine selection with some delicious sandwiches is more my speed! FYI they cannot sell alcohol until their liquor license is approved but that should only take a couple weeks so be patient if you come visit them this month! They have beer and cider too, just on display at the moment. Okay now for the sandwiches. My partner and I got the west main and the park vale, and we thought they were delicious! Mine needed a bread substitute but that was totally fine. Nice size for the price. I also purchased some marinated olives and they were scrumptious. Their was a giant wheel of honey goat cheese in the prepared foods display that I want to try next time! They also carry a TON of near and far goods in their retail section, including MOESHMALLOWS!! I had the pleasure of trying these locally made marshmallows at a brewery I frequent and them having a cute food truck so when I saw the churro and vanilla flavors available at Gather Provisions I HAD to pick up a bag! I can’t wait to try their homemade, from scratch tomato soup the next time I visit. Chef Erin Anderson was extremely nice (as was her assistant) and I’m looking forward to enjoying whatever she decides to make next as she gets into a groove! If you’re looking for lunch or dinner in the Northborough area give them a chance, I’m happy I did!
E A.
Food - fantastic! Sandwich selection is not the usual fare; rather it is top notch gourmet flavors that meld together perfectly for an extraordinary culinary experience in every single bite. We have tried The Thorndike, The Goss, The Fay, and The Park Vale. All equally outstanding and the homemade pickles are the perfect accompaniment. Take out meals are perfection! We tried the shrimp, fennel, and orange dish. Flavors were complementary and the shrimp was cooked perfectly. Service was excellent-very friendly, willing to swap ingredients out as needed, they check about allergies when you order. Ambiance is very cute. Still waiting on their liquor license but the wine sure looks tempting! Definitely check this cafe out! You will return.
Vanessa Drake Allia
The sandwiches and the sides are amazing! Can’t wait for my next visit already.
Liz Nolan
It is tucked away in the corner of the plaza with Rancho Corona and Lala Java. The Thorndike and Goss pressed sandwiches were delicious! You can tell that the best ingredients go into everything! Lots of other options to try next time.
Barbara S.
I just got back from a week on an island in Maine where Erin prepared 3 delicious and healthful meals every day. She is creative, her presentation of the food was wonderful it all tasted wonderful and she is a genuinely lovely person too. I can't say enough about her talent and professionalism as a caterer. Plus, she accommodated everyone's food allergies and/or preferences at every meal.
Pam L.
For two years now (and hopefully forever more), Chef Erin Anderson of Gather Provisions has graced the shores of McGee Island as Chef Extraordinaire, for the Salty Quill Writers' Retreat for Women. Every meal, every day, for 12 women all of whom gush over every meal, Erin has amazed us with creative, healthful spreads--always interesting, always spot-on, always a hit. And her grace and good cheer make working with her a delight. This time, she badly sprained her ankle before even setting foot in the cook's house, but she didn't skip a beat. The breakfasts with frittatas, fresh fruit, baked blueberry cake, bacon, home fries, and lunches with roll-ups, salads, soups, and more, were amazing, but her dinners some night were Thai, Indian, Italian, you name it--Erin can do it, and without a miss. She is unflappable. I adore her and count myself lucky to have found her. She is by far everyone's favorite person on the island. Don't hesitate, if you're on the fence. This woman is a master! (And is so easy to work with!)
Leah Melloni Mossmann
Cannot recommend highly enough! I’ve used Gather Provisions several times and they never disappoint! Local and very high quality! I especially recommend the charcuterie boards! So thankful for Gather Provisions!
Erin Anderson
Purchased a box for my parents. Fantastic from start to finish. Excellent customer service; stunning presentation; delicious food; delivery very much appreciated because it was outside the usual delivery area. My parents absolutely raved about the entire experience. Will definitely be using Gather Provisions again. 5 stars!
Elizabeth T.
Erin is an amazing chef! She listens to your ideas and incorporates fun ideas of her own! I love her boxes and love having her cook for me. I couldn't be more pleased with her service!